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About Us


About Us

Company biography

XD House provides leading design solutions to a wide range of actors in the construction industry from architects, engineers, and manufacturers. Our design solutions are implemented to accommodate design changes, produce manufacturing cutlists, and provide installation documentation support. Our team in XD House is specialized in BIM implementation services through computational design associated with scripting and coding tools that add a lot of flexibility and accuracy. Our approach follows international BIM standards and is driven by cutting edge technology solutions and aims to serve the industry on a regional and international level.

We are looking forward to writing success stories with regional and international stakeholders to add a remarkable dimension to projects, and incorporate our expertise based on the values we set within the most advanced international standards and beyond, as we set creativity as a key element in our workflow.



Work closely with our clients to provide innovative and optimal solutions for a wide range of projects, allowing the industry to benefit from our specialized expertise in design and BIM modelling.


Cultivating talent and expertise to create an environment of leadership that benefits the construction industry and pioneers in the evolution of BIM technology and computational design.


We aspire to maintain an environment built on integrity, creativity, innovation, and mentorship.


Maintaining international ethical standards with our clients and within our organization


Encouraging different solutions to meet the needs of our clients and our team


Seeking leading solutions which enhance the industry and our business


Providing consulting and advisory services to our clients and our community, by spreading our specialized leading knowledge in the sector

Message from the founder

We are delighted to be taking a place in the industry of Digital Construction and we don’t take our existence for granted. In XD House, we have a clear mission; to observe, analyse and execute. Our clients are our source of inspiration for innovation and excellence in our day-to-day problem-solving workflows.