List of Services

Main services

BIM implementation & consultancy

XD House helps companies to adopt BIM workflows by choosing the right investment in terms of workflow set-up, teams training, and software & hardware upgrade in line with international and local standards to meet the market demand and stand out

BIM project focused delivery

XD House provides project specific workflow approach that fits the nature of the job as per the assigned tools and standards, with presence in weekly meetings throughout the project duration

BIM Training

XD House provides sustainable BIM workflow and continuity, by providing BIM trainings and workshops

Digital Twins

XD House provides virtual replicas of physical assets. Integrating IOT connects your digital assets to your physical assets to have a response loop by providing a better living conditions to occupants. We collaborate with the top range in the game of Digital Twins to deliver this service for our clients

3D Products modeling

XD House provides detailed representation of products to be presented and visualized in the construction industry and digital market. We also provide Revit Family Creation with parameters as per product spreadsheet

BIM Project support (Secondment)

XD House provides BIM Professional staffing solutions for your BIM Project with specific skill sets for your project needs

BIM Automation solutions

XD House provides solutions for projects with repetitive work and complex geometry with visual programming using Dynamo for Revit and Grasshopper for Rhino, and written programming using Python

4D Scheduling and construction sequence

XD House provides 4D Scheduling simulation of the construction sequence generated by linking a 3D BIM model with the project schedule adding time as the 4th dimension using Navisworks/Solibri in addition to MS project

Quantity take-off

XD House Provides Quantity take-offs (QTO) that are detailed measurement of materials based 3D models with accurate numbers based on project needs

BIM As-Built service providing

XD House provides extensive 3D modelling capabilities to translate site conditions, surveys, and scans to a variety of formats & levels of detail needed


XD House provides a wholistic BIM solution wich includes all trades such as plumbing, HVAC, mechanical piping, electrical, and fire protection, in addition to structure, and architecture for overall project coordination

BIM for Structural

XD House offers Structural Services which include steel detailing, structural shop drawings, rebar detailing, and structural quantity takeoffs services

BIM for Landscape

XD House offers landscape and repetitive task solutions using visual programming to enhance work efficiency for landscape architecture

BIM for Architecture

XD House offers comprehensive Architectural modelling based on project requirements with tailored specifics and detailed modelling techniques for different project stages and model use

BIM for Interior Design

XD House offers to help develop, innovate, create, conceptualize, and bring ideas into reality. Since interior designers are focused on the functionality and visual appeal of the space, using BIM to visualize projects is essential to the industry

BIM for Manufacturing

With extensive experience in manufacturing BIM industry, XD House provides precision 3D modelling for manufacturing which is used in machine fabrication, quantity extraction and area-specific coordination. XD House also offers automation solutions for repetitive tasks and complex geometry. Our DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) have been proved to be effective on pilot projects saving millions of dollars in production and cutting waste

Other Services