This is a project that have been delivered during the XD House Founder experience working for the international pioneering building envelope manufacturer and supplier Kingspan Insulated Panels. 

Logan International Airport Terminal E Modernization project is an expansion project for the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport). The terminal is jointly designed by Luis Vidal and AECOM with the intent to improve the customer experience while increasing Logan’s capacity to service wide-bodied jets. This presented works showcases the roofing design approach using parametric design and automation as a main drive to deliver the project. The complexity is existing in both the geometry and roof components that was changed 3 times under the supervision of AECOM, also the flexibility of this method made adapting to the design changes possible with minimum spent on design and associated materials.

Surface Study using rhino

Gutter Detail

Revit and Rhino Integration

XD process of Modelling is the extensive use of Scripts and Adaptive Families by which Automation in Modelling and other process can be achieved.

Revit Models

Navisworks Coordination

Drawings and Detail

Site Installation