Brian Glancy

The construction sector needs more change makers and digital evangelists! Anas is certainly one of these people, his background in architecture/technology and manufacturing experience positions him as an incredibly valuable resource for any business. While at Kingspan Anas embraced the Group Digital Built Environment (BIM) Strategy and set about driving digital transformation in his region, embracing new technology, 3D printing etc. and keeping a close eye on the evolving landscape, standards and innovation.
Excelling in industry software and algorithmic approaches to design, his work has been crucial on prestigious projects, both in delivery and design. Coupling his background and experience with a Masters in BIM management meant that Anas was a great resource for the central Kingspan BIM team as the strategy evolved. His enthusiasm for change, dedication and honest approach to solving problems as well as ultimate professionalism will no doubt ensure he plays a crucial role in the emerging intersection or manufacturing and construction.